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WhatsYourPrice website is built on the assumption that “everybody has their price” and claims to be the one of the safest online dating services. It was created in 2010, but during this short time it seems to have helped it’s members participate in more than 200,000 successful dates. Actually, it assures it’s users that they will manage to meet interesting people, and next we’ll see just how might be accomplished.

What is WhatsYourPrice?

Simply put, this website allows men to discover attractive women that will agree to go on dates with them in exchange for specific amounts of money. How morally acceptable this particular venture really is depends on one’s personal convictions, but for the purpose of this review we’ll assume that there’s nothing wrong with the concept behind this business and focus only on how effective the website is al delivering what it promises. Also, WhatsYourPrice only “sells” first dates (which only imply companionship) and has no implication in how the relations between members evolve. And it’s claimed that escorts are not welcome, so it would seem like it has nothing in common with this kind of services.

WhatsYourPrice is destined for users located in US but it’s available in 8 different languages (including Spanish and German), and it claims that all the profiles presented are real. The dates are “sold” for $50-$200 on average, but the prices can go as high as $500-$1000 in the case of very attractive women. This minimum amount that can be offered is $5, but we can safely assume this could only be considered insulting by women.

There are two categories of users on WhatsYourPrice, the “generous members” (always men) and the “beautiful members” (exclusively women). Both genders are promised to receive substantial benefits from choosing to use this website, with men guaranteed to go out with attractive women if they’re willing to pay the prices, and women being assured that beyond making money they will also have positive experiences. It’s assumed that a man that is willing to pay just to have a date with a woman will surely treat her with respect, but it’s very obvious how this could work in the opposite way, as we’ll see later that is actually happens.

How does WhatsYourPrice work?

Signing up is free for both men and women, and all members are required to be at least 18 years old and warrant that they have never been convicted for a felony. But the website doesn’t conduct any research on it’s users except if others require it, so you don’t really have any guarantees about the people that you’re communicating with unless you’re willing to purchase a background check for $50.

You will sign up either as a “generous member” or a “beautiful member”, and because your profile is not difficult to set up, the whole process will take little time. You will have to post at least one picture of yourself, and the profile will be approved in around 24-48 hours, depending on how many pictures you decide to upload. After you’re approved you’ll be able to view profiles, show your interest through “winks” and start making offers. Also, you’ll see who viewed and shown interest in your own profile.

But while the service is completely free for women, men will have to pay if they want to communicate with the “beautiful members” that interest them. As a non-paying “generous member” you’ll be able to make offers and have them accepted, but for being able to chat through messages and set a date you’ll have to purchase a minimum amount of “credits”. You can even receive messages with a free membership, but they won’t be available for reading without “credits”. This is the currency in which the basic features of the website are paid for by men, and the amount that has to be paid for contacting a certain woman depends on what sum of money you have agreed on. Dates that will cost under $50 will only require 10 credits to unlock communication, and the amount goes up with the price of the date. But when messages are unlocked, members can discuss as much as they would like with no additional charge. Also, unless members have started communicating at least through mutual “winks”, they won’t have access to each other’s full profiles. Private pictures of each other can only be viewed by those that have shown mutual interest, and in case of offensive behavior users have the possibility to block and report those that bother them.

This system should be simple and efficient, relieving users from the stressful situations created by most dating websites. It’s claimed that on WhatsYourPrice every man has a chance at dating an attractive woman without having to suffer disappointment, and the website even assures that the “generous member” will go on at least 5 dates a month, through the “first date guarantee”. If for some reason the member doesn’t manage to go out with 5 attractive women, WhatsYourPrice will provide him with 1,000 free credits, but only in certain conditions. First of all, they’ll have to already be a first time purchaser of a 1,000 credits package, and initiate at least 20 offers priced between $50 and $200. Also, after the offers are accepted, the “generous member” will have to unlock the conversation feature in 48 hours.

The credits

The lowest price for a credit package is $50. For this amount you’ll receive 100 credits, but packages containing 450 and 1000 credits will cost you $150 and $250 respectively, bringing the individual price down to 50% for the last option. You can choose to have your last purchase automatically renewed once the credits run out, but it’s not mandatory. It’s a measure that assures you won’t find out you’re out of credits when you least expect, and nothing more. But the website doesn’t offer refunds under no circumstances, except for technical issues that last longer than 72 hours. And for any problems, they can be contacted through email.

But when it comes to paying for the date, this can only be done in cash and face to face at the actual encounter. And the website recommends for the “beautiful members” to avoid any other type of payment, as it could easily be forged.

What are the pros?

WhatsYourPrice guarantees that you will have your first date in as little as 3 days, and surprisingly enough, it seems to deliver. The system appears to work, being very easy for both categories of members to secure dates. Also, contrary to the expectations, many members really are looking for serious relationships. Many positive reviews are available from both genders, as it seems that women are being treated with much more respect than what they have experienced on other dating websites, and men actually getting to know women that would normally be inaccessible to them. Dating through this website has even resulted in marriage, so it’s not the worst choice when it comes to online dating. But only a portion of the users are happy, with the others having very much to say.

What are the cons?

Given the nature of this website, many issues were bound to arise. WhatsYourPrice states that all profiles are genuine, but users claim that many of them are fake. The website doesn’t do any background check unless requested to, so they can’t possibly guarantee that the person is real or that they actually look like the pictures. And this is another complaint of the “generous members”, who claim that some of the women are either less attractive or older than expected. This really shouldn’t be the case given that they’re paying serious amounts of money, but it seems to be a real problem.

Also, many men have issues with the attitudes of the women that they go out with. They state that the women only preoccupied with money and lose interest as soon as the date is over, but we don’t understand why this would surprise anyone. It’s surely unpleasant, but it should be expected given that money is precisely what motivates these ladies. And on the other hand, some complain that the women are almost never interested in physical relations. Again, we can’t see the problem given that this website sells dates and nothing more. At the same time, men claim that some of the “beautiful members” turn out to be escorts when they were expecting women with serious intentions.

But the women have just as many issues with this dating service as the men. It seems like many of them expect more than just company, but we can’t imagine how could anybody blame them. Hundreds of dollars might be paid for a date, and very few men would pay this amount just for conversation. It’s a rude assumption of course, but it’s understandable. And surprisingly, we didn’t find any complaints about a lack of payment. It must happen at times, but most likely it’s not a common issue.

Also, both men and women have complained about some very rude dating partners and other issues of the kind. But it seems like the main problem that WhatsYourPrice might cause for it’s users is simply a very confused situation. Everybody has a different idea about what the website should provide, and members are constantly surprised by each other’s assumptions.

Bottom line

WhatsYourPice can surely help men get dates while providing additional income for women, but successful encounters are hard to come by. If you feel like involving money in your romantic relationships is acceptable for you personally, you could give it a try. But we wouldn’t recommend it for those who normally think that money and love shouldn’t mix, because it will surely turn out disappointing.

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